Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shattered, Shattered!

Courtesy of the Rolling Stones Shattered

Well it happened.

I taught my children lyrics to another really good song.

The Rolling Stones Shattered.

Tonight, after initially feeling a bit of frustration, we decided to download an I-Tune.

It all happened because youngest daughter's Pumpy meter/remote shattered.  You know what they say, if you get lemons, well, sing Shattered at the top of your lungs!

Did I mention that we are officially out of our pump warranty?

Sigh.  Yep. 
We aren't sure how the break happened and to be honest, it is a miracle that the meter/remote survived so many years without an accident happening before now. 

Our suspicion involves a backpack left outside of music class and a stampede of small children walking to the parent pick up location at the end of the day.

But that is just a hunch.

Now we will wait for insurance to kick out an approval for a new Pumpy- complete with an unshattered meter/remote and cross our fingers that this one survives for as long as the last one. 

And am I the only one who instantly had the Rolling Stones 'Shattered' playing through my head while looking at this picture?

RIP meter/remote.  Thank you for four long years of service.  We will miss you!

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