Monday, November 14, 2011

Who You Gonna Call?

I want to share with you a story that my oldest daughter told me today.

" Today was Safety Day at school.  This means that a group of workers like ambulance and helicopter paramedics, police officers with drug dogs and lots of firemen talked to us.  My friend and I were sitting on the floor listening to the paramedics.  This one lady paramedic was telling us about the things she carries.  She said, "Probably some of you have heard of diabetes because you have a grandma or a grandpa who have it.  This is called a glucometer and we use it to check blood sugar."  My friend (who also has type 1 diabetes) raised her hand and said, "I know about diabetes because I have Juvenile Diabetes."  The lady paramedic said, "Oh, then you have a grandparent with diabetes." 

Mom, do we really want that lady coming to our house if we call 911? "

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