Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Her Pockets (Laundry Treasures)

My youngest daughter loves to find treasure.  Anything that sparkles or glistens on her travels is fair game.  Quite often, it will be a simple thread or a small button.  Forgettable things that others wouldn't bother to pick up.

She is a curator for a personal collection of pennies, rocks and erasers.  Often her art will be expressed through the hodgepodge of things that she has discovered.  The ordinary is extraordinary and even a shred of glitter is magic.

I love this about her. 

As I emptied her pockets in preparation of starting a load of laundry, two extra items popped out at me.

Do you see them?

Sometimes, the best moments in life filled with the ever-present type 1 diabetes, are the most random. 

In spite of her "extras", she is just a little girl with a big imagination and a love of finding treasure.

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