Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guess Who Is Coming to Town?

Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Santa Claus has arrived!

This gentle giant in a red suit has worked his way into one prominent family photo for a decade.  He has been with us through infancy, screaming toddlerhood and now, the uncertain years.

We adore him!

Upon Santa's arrival, we once again trotted over to see him.  You might think it is early, but as our tradition dictates, we visit as soon as the red velvet ropes are opened.  No lines, no waiting, no crying.  Because of this, it is a whole lot more fun for the four of us.

Something secret about going early...  two times now, our children have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right before Christmas.  If we hadn't gone early, we would have missed out on those two years. 

Now are you thinking, "Why on earth would this crazy family keep going to see Santa when he sounds like he is a curse to their family???"

Or maybe you are thinking, "Aha!  Now we know the cause of type 1 diabetes!  Forget vitamin D deficiency or environmental factors!  Has anyone done a study involving the fibers in those red suits?"

Sure.  We are probably nutty.  Well, we ARE nutty.  Maybe that is another coping mechanism.  Truly, for us, that is the best part of the holidays.  Having lots of fun and making memories! 

Our memories offset the bad of the diagnosis (x2) with some good and certainly, normalcy.  My daughters do not look back on this time of year as a curse, but as a magical time filled with lots of holiday cheer.  For that, I am ever grateful to Mr. Claus (and a whole lot of other fun holiday traditions which will thus be described later).

Since this is the season for giving, here is another one of those magical epiphany moments that seemed to have arrived with diabetes.

If there is something you want to do in life, don't wait.  Seize the moment and make it happen.  Life is short and ever changing.  Our memories are the only constant.  Fill them up with happy ones.

Happy Holidays!

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