Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpy and Pumpster

Kitty: ten years later, not so fluffy but still snuggly

My children have a few special "lovey" items that they adopted during their first year of life. 
For our oldest daughter it was a soft white stuffed kitten and a cozy faux fur pink blanket given to her while she was still in the womb.  Thank you bff!   

Once I realized how attached our daughter was, I soon became concerned the stuffed animal and blanket would be lost.  I called my friend to determine the location and ran out to buy an exact replica.  Neither of us could ever find a back up kitten, but we did manage to purchase a second blanket.

Two years later, our youngest daughter immediately gravitated to the same pink blanket (so long to having a back-up) and adopted a miniature pink pig.

For as much imagination as my daughters have, the kitten was named "Kitty" and both blankets were named "Blankie".  The pig was the given the most imaginative name of all and called "Bo-bo". 

Bo-bo has been extended to all pigs in general and after last years' debacle of educating our children on food sources, bacon is now banned from our household.  Thank goodness that we do not have to worry about that with Kitty.

To underscore how precious these lovies are, they have been everywhere with our daughters... trips to 25 states, annual visits to Disneyworld, plays, movie theaters, grocery stores, dentists, school, football games, even to Washington, D.C. to see the White House. 

The lovies were there for diagnosis too. 

Comforting and providing unconditional love and support to the girls during a transitional time into a new life filled with pokes and new regiments.

A few years later and it was no surprise when the children picked names for their pumps.  Our youngest daughter was diagnosed first and named her pink pump "Pumpy".  A few years later, our oldest daughter chose "Pumpster" for her green pump.  The lingo of names followed suit this past summer with the Dexcom Twins; "Dexie" and "Dexter". 

Pumpster, Dexter, Dexie (hidden in a pump pouch is Pumpy)
 Maybe we don't want to think about it but these are their "lovies" too.

For as much as the soft and cuddly items like their stuffed animals and the blankets are for security or to help them feel better when they are sick or to give them sweet dreams at night....

so are their insulin pumps and CGMs.

Thank goodness for all of their lovies.


Beth Gordon said...

I think one of the reasons we hang on to "pink blankie" is because she was there through diagnosis and so many dr. visits. She goes on every vacation or overnight trip, still! Pink blankie is a real team player, she even gets chewed on by the dog regularly.

I love it that your girls name their pumps and cgms!
Loving your blog, getting caught up today reading them...

xoxo Beth

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I love that your pink blankie is a real team player! One for all and for one around here too! Thanks for reading Naturally Sweet Sisters. I hope I made you smile:)