Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Hide Or Not To Hide - That is the Question

Two fashionista little girls.

Two insulin pumps, blood sugar meters, lancets, CGMs, strips, smarties, glucagon and most importantly, a cell phone.

Where does a fashionista put it all?

All my youngest needs to carry is her insulin pump and CGM.  Having two things that combined are the size of one peanut butter sandwich, probably seems simple, except that my youngest daughter is as tiny as a loaf of bread!  When she is wearing both Pumpy and Dexie, her mid-section disappears into a sea of medical equipment.  Fortunately at this age, what you wear under your clothes does not seem to matter.

My oldest daughter is now in an intermediate school for students in 5th and 6th grade.  She is a few inches taller than her sister and has that long and lean look.  Refusing to have a pump bump, she now clips Pumpster to her pants.  She carries Dexter, her Ping meter remote, test strips, lancets and smarties in a purse.  In her backpack, locker, classroom and office, extra supplies and snacks are available should anything be needed.  It's a lot to remember.

How do we manage it all?

Pump t-shirts
Pump pouches
Waist bands
Cell phone holders
Pump clips
Pockets on clothes
Cute purses and make-up bags

Still, it never seems like there is enough ways.  As the fashionista girls get older, we have to become more and more creative to cover their needs. 

How do you manage it all?

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