Thursday, October 20, 2011

Money Can't Buy Me Love

Our Type 1 Diabetes School Stuff

School started after Labor Day.   We are eight weeks in.

We started with full sets of everything.

To date I have replaced lithium batteries, test strips and snacks for the school.  Add in two extra site changes from "oopsies" on the playground and one CGM site inserter that would just not let go of my daughter, which resulted in a total re-do disaster and lots of tears. 

The expense of it all is astounding.

Sometimes, I have to force myself to not think about the large amount of luxury items that our family could be enjoying. 

I do that by reminding myself that we have something better and no amount of money could ever buy this.

It is the sticky stuff that bonds families tightly together.  The little pieces that make my kisses such powerful magic that they can fix an ouchie site instantly.  The sideways look that only my family understands and tries not to laugh out loud because their mom is so silly.  The hug that sends a thousand words to each of us without saying a thing.  The ability to wake up all night long just to make sure that everything is ok.  The reason that Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth because we are there together as a family.

Not everyone has this.

I do think Type 1 Diabetes gave us even more of it.


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