Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Appointments, Schedules and Must Do Lists

The last week of summer is always a harried one. 

Classroom open houses, school supply procurement, health physicals, school clothes shopping, and if you are lucky, one last summer vacation fling.

This year, we managed to get a little of that vacation luck and headed off to Pittsburgh for a long weekend.

Four days of fun and four 'not-so-fun' days of vacation blood sugars.  Up, down and everything in between.

Even though we have been back for a full day, we are still seeing a little bit of that.

Anticipation of starting school, maybe? 

Excitement of seeing friends, maybe?

Crashing from over-exertion of squeezing the last few drops of summer fun, maybe?

In our house, everything basically points to nothing and the great mystery remains of why blood sugars are still up, down and everything in between.  (Might I add, this is probably one of my biggest frustrations, especially as I will soon attempt to explain that two sets of school staff, who will look at me like I am absolutely loony.  Ie, "Why can you not REGULATE her?"

How are your/your loved one's blood glucose numbers?  Are you seeing that great big swing this time of year too?

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