Thursday, August 9, 2012

Listening To That Inner Voice - Mom's Know Best

Today was an interesting day.

My youngest daughter woke up and immediately asked if I could take her for a blood draw.


I couldn't have possibly heard the words "blood draw" coming from her sweet little lips.  After all, we are still working on ways to reduce her anxiety and fear for each blood draw appointment.

"Yes, blood draw.  I want a blood draw.  I have leg pain and I want it to go away."   As she tells me this, she is rubbing her legs and her right foot. 

She is hurting and it is obvious.

For a fraction of a second, I think about it.  Could it be her Hashimoto's?  We just went through labs not 8 weeks ago and her numbers were perfect. 

One second look at her pinched face and I decide that it is worth it.  I make the calls to the hospital, standing firm in my request for a lab.  It takes a moment as the new on-call fellow isn't sure if having leg pain requires a lab.  Nicely, but firmly, I assure her that it does.

After all, what kid wants a blood draw?

And my daughter is happy.  Relieved to be heading towards relief from the dreaded leg pain. 

We do not have labs back, so I can't say for certain if this will be the answer, but at least I am listening to that inner voice and not letting this sweet girl of mine down.

No matter, she knows that she can count on me and that is the best medicine. 

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