Friday, July 19, 2013


Youngest daughter's blood sugar was a little wacky this week.

Thinking it might have been the stress of losing someone close, I quickly changed the infusion set and consoled her little heart with a hefty dose of 'mommy-time' hugs and kisses, with a bit of tickles for good measure.

Then, out of the blue, oldest daughter had an unplanned (and unexplained) ride on the diabetes blood sugar roller-coaster.

We corrected, waited and watched re-runs of Friends late into the evening that night.   While oldest giggled at Joey's antics, I kept an eye on the soaring numbers as they slowly crashed back down.  We carefully made the landing a bit softer by eating a few of our good 'ole TABBBBBBS aka glucose tabs.  Somehow, having Friends on and getting to stay up well past summer bedtimes, made the ills of having high to low blood sugars a bit easier.  Thank you Phoebe and Joey, her two favorite characters!

In other news, Michigan experienced it's annual 'dog days of summer' with the heat reaching highs in the upper '90s and warnings about heat indexes in the 100s. 

I could fry an egg on the sidewalk right now.  Total digression here...  but that might be good for soaring blood sugars since it is carb free fun!  Hmmmm, I think I like that phrase even more now.

So is roller-coaster blood sugars and heat just a coincidence?

Maybe.  But we have been around long enough to realize that sometimes weather plays a role in blood sugars.  This is completely unscientific data but seeing it BOTH daughters at the same time, sure does seem to provide a little bit of clarity.

What do you think?  Are you seeing swings in this heat?  And if you are, might I suggest a good dose of Friends to make it all a bit easier???


Jen said...

I found this blog as I was trying to see if other diabetics were as affected by the heatwave as me! I was hospitalised this weekend after a night time seizure caused by a severe hypo. And today my sugar levels have ranged from 19.0 to 3.8 and everything in between! It can only be the heat and it's a real worry.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Jen, sending you huge hugs! Heat does really seem to play a part in t1d. I am sure that insulin goes through faster as it is the same issue with hot showers, baths, hot tubs, anything with heat. Sending you hope for cooling relief and that we both get a handle on the warm weather!