Monday, July 8, 2013

PortionMate: Giveaway Winners Announced

Mail is always more fun when it includes a free giveaway!!!!!

And the winners of the wonderful, fun and super cool PortionMate, Inc. measuring cylinders which will arrive in your very own big brown box are.........

#2.  Bvrooks 
"Your blog rocks!! So many great ideas :-)

The portion mate cylinders would be great for my girl to start to figure out what a portion size is. Right now she weighs everything; which is great but not always possible when we are out and about. These cylinders would make that soooo much easier!"
To claim your PortionMate, Inc. prize, please click on our Naturally Sweet Sisters Facebook Page and send me a private message with your shipping address.  Your PortionMate, Inc. will be mailed directly from PortionMate headquarters for you to immediately start enjoying.
If you didn't win and would like a chance to own a set of PortionMate cylinders, including the free nutrition guide, please visit or click HERE.
Thank you and keep us on your blog roll because I am hoping to feature more fun products and many more giveaways for all of our Naturally Sweet Sisters friends. 
Special thank you to PortionMate, Inc for allowing us to feature their product and to keep all of our families living with type 1 diabetes, healthy, happy and successful in our blood sugar management!

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