Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School : Naturally Sweet Sisters Defense Strategy for Lunchroom Workers

In a recent conversation with a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mom, she asked me how her shy daughter should try to handle the sometimes, over zealous, cafeteria monitors.  She shared a story in which, her daughter feeling intimidated over needing a few minutes extra in the cafeteria, was uncomfortable staying, left and felt "low".  The mom further explained that the workers were not understanding of why her daughter should be allowed 'special treatment'.  The daughter was too shy to explain and the mom was forced to come back to the cafeteria and stay with her daughter.


Now is it just me or does this type of situation just break your heart?

As a mom of a very shy kiddo until about the end of second grade, I went through many similar situations.  We even had one unfortunate issue with a cafeteria parent taking a leftover wrapper away from my daughter so that the worker could figure out where to buy the food that I had packed.  As a strict rule during that time, we had been very cautious about explaining to our daughter that no wrappers were to be thrown away until her aide had been to the cafeteria to count up her carbs.  Our daughter understood this rule but felt powerless in stopping the cafeteria parent and instead of speaking up, placed her head down on the table and cried until the aide found her several minutes later.  

That very sad story resulted in a hasty meeting with the principal and the creation of this little laminated card that went into her lunch box for the rest of the year.  In fact, while we have never had that situation again, our daughter has requested to continue the lunch card just so that she feel less worried about the possibility of it happening.


Even typing this out, I still feel my chest tighten and that was from YEARS AGO!

The card is on a cute scrapbook card stock and the words are very simple.  You can choose to add a picture of your child or not.  You can also create another version to be placed in the coat pocket for recess workers or for bus drivers.  Just tailor the words to suit the situation. 

And hopefully, it will NEVER be needed. 

Come back tomorrow for even more Back to School ideas.  See you then!

Hello! I have type 1 diabetes and need to match my

food intake to my insulin dosage.  That means that I

must save my containers, leftovers and empty

beverages.  I may also need a few extra minutes in

the cafeteria to eat my food.  If you need further

information, please see Mrs. XXX or Mrs.

XXX.   Thank you for your understanding.

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