Friday, August 16, 2013

What Will It Be Like When The Naturally Sweet Sisters Are Adults?

Dreams do come true!

Every now and then, I pause for a moment and wonder what it will be like for two little girls after they have grown and are living on their own.

Sometimes, I get a goofy grin and I think about the future football game Saturdays and wonder if my Naturally Sweet husband will finally have a male-bonding moment with one of our daughter's boyfriends/husbands.  Currently, hubby is lucky if the cat will even hang out with him in the man cave.

Sometimes, I am wistful as we walk in our downtown next to the beautiful bridal store featured prominently on main street.  With gorgeous white dresses displayed from the window, causing both of the girls and me to 'oooh' and 'aaah' over the possibilities.  The game we play is 'which would you chose' and even though I am an old married lady, the girls still make me pick out my favorite.  Now that is fun!  What I love most though, is listening to them and hearing about their colors for the wedding, the style that they think is most beautiful and how happy that day will be. 

Sometimes, I see a baby in a stroller or in a mother's arm and I notice that both of my girls are looking too.  For a flash of a second, I imagine them as mothers and think of how amazing it will be to see them with their own brood of children; raising them with as much love as they have been given.

But then, every now and then, a worry creeps in.

For me, it is the realness of what life could be like if the cure hasn't been delivered. 

Today, it happened when I read this article.

It wasn't that it was tragic, either.  It was just sad.  The kind of moment that has me worried.

And then, I feel like I need to alter my vision of life for girls. 

Now after reading yet another sad article, will I become forced to be the mom that sleeps outside of the dorm room door just to make sure my child is alright?  Yes, I have thought about this before. 

Will I feel the need to drive one car length behind them as they head back and forth to work?  Maybe they wouldn't notice me.

Or do I need to re-do the basement in a lame attempt of making my kids want to live at home forever?  Who wants to live rent free with a hot-tub!

No, no, no!  None of that is for us. 

The girls will live their life and continue on as though the Diabetes Monster is just a regular part of life.   They'll feed him when he yowls, they will assign him to carry a bouquet of glucose tabs and if worse comes to worse, they will simple beat him with insulin until he gives up and goes away. 

Even with type 1 diabetes, dreams do come true. 

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