Monday, November 4, 2013

A Planner

A planner.

Not a book or a calendar or that tattered book my fifth grader brings back and forth from school.  Just me and my actual personality.

I am a planner.

I can't help it.  It is just a part of my very nature. 

Which works spectacularly with type 1 diabetes.

We (and by 'we', I mean 'me') always have a plan.  Most of the time, it is quietly hidden in my brain and my kids (or hubby) aren't even aware of the thought process.  They just get to go and do and be

Which is exactly what I hope for as the man behind the curtain.  I don't want to put the glaring spotlight on all things type 1 diabetes.  What a drag that would be!  Life is so much more than just that.  In fact, my girls are sooooooo much more than that!

Recently a blogger spoke about a picture she had from her childhood.  In the picture, she was with a group of friends and enjoying a slumber party.  The blogger wrote that she was so glad that her mother allowed her to go and do and be, all while quietly assuming the role of the planner... which in turn, shaped the adult living with type 1 diabetes that she is today.  That kind of freedom allowed the blogger to grow up in a world where anything was possible.  Even during a time when needles were HUGE, testers worked after peeing on a color-coded strip and insulin kind of sucked with its un-predictableness.

That resonated with me.  Because sometimes being a planner is annoying.  Just ask my husband.  I am sure he would rather let things happen naturally instead of following a plan.  (I am so sorry, sweetie!  We do need a plan!)

But maybe this planning business is a little bit of good too... maybe, just maybe, this has allowed the girls to dream of life beyond type 1 diabetes and to be anything they want to be!

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