Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Order Or Not To Order

Can you believe that it has been a full year since we received our Dexcom Platinum G4 continuous glucose monitor?  If you have been following our family, than you know that this has become the most invaluable tool in our tool box of care.  I can't tell you how beloved Sigums, our pet name for CGMS, is to each of us.  We trust him explicably!

For history sake, here our some vintage DexCom Platinum G4 Naturally Sweet Sisters Posts.

Post 1.
Post 2.
Post 3.

Now we are faced with the task of deciding what to do.  Should we re-order or should we wait until the pump warranty is up in June?  Because truthfully, I can't imagine not having a version of Sigums living with us... although, I really wish for an integrated version after this happened.

With Obama-Care hemorrhaging the wonderful insurance coverage that we currently have, my other HUGE worry is building on what will happen in 2014.  What if even more of our critical needs items like insulin or test strips are denied?  While we can afford to pay for a portion of Sigums, we can't take that burden on AND the other items.... and yes, this is x2 for both daughters!

For that reason alone, I am thinking that before the year ends, that we should make sure that we have maximized our benefits and ordered everything that we possibly could. 

Are you concerned about your insurance benefits?  What is your plan for the remaining calendar year?  Let us know!  Leave a message on this post or on our facebook site.  Your words might help countless others. 

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