Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sigums - Here and Gone and Here - Thank Goodness!

Photo: The irony is that just by doing a walk, we need a cure even more.   From a 44 mg/dl  to a 300 mg/dl.  Yuck.
Walk Day Blood Sugars - Yep.  Why we NEED a Sigums!

Sigums snuck away this week.

I cried.

Naturally Sweet Dad cried.

Oldest Daughter cried.

Which then led to Youngest Daughter having a sobbing fit while watching the rest of us cry.

It was terrible.

For two days, we searched high and low.  I put a bounty on it and told all of our daughter's friends to look and the first that came to me would be handsomely rewarded.


No one came to me.

And then, like a little beacon of light, Sigums reappeared while Naturally Sweet Dad was using the lawn mower.

What is most amazing is that he caught the glimmer of the shiny pink front on his way back from mowing the first strip of grass.  That meant that he actually ran over it. 

What is even more amazing is that we have in ground sprinklers that are timed to go off every morning.  That meant that it was covered in a hefty dose of water.

What is truly the most amazing is that when he picked it up, pushed the button and held his breath...


Now there is the best testimonial a product can have.  Thank you DexCom G4!!!   We adore you!!!

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