Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anxiety and Kids

Something that we have been noticing more frequently has been our youngest daughter's dealings with anxiety.

This little one has always been a unique blend of carefree attitude combined with the quirkiest sense of humor.  I often have marveled at her coping skills and with a bit of awe, I have watched her unfold her layers of self to reveal a deeply poignant personality filled with caring, empathy and rock solid understanding of the world.  She is a little bit Lucille Ball combined with my strong and independent grandmother. 

But things bother her.  Sometimes those 'things' are something that I would only brush aside as an annoyance but to her, a child that feels deeply, these 'things' are true issues.

And she is not alone.

Kids living with chronic disease, often have a heightened sense of anxiety and of the troubles around their world.  It happens.  These kids (like our daughter) are battling more than most adults have dealt with in a lifetime.

We are working with her and have been for about six months.  Through books and discussions with adults, I see a change and I know she feels stronger and more able to tackle those feelings with her newfound coping skills. 

I decided to share this with you because I suspect that there are many more children out there that are feeling the same way. 

If you are, drop a note and let us know how you cope or what you are teaching your child.  It will be great to hear and to also help other families that are on the same path.

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