Sunday, November 18, 2012

DexCom G4 - Final Thoughts (For Now)

Naturally Sweet Sister's G4 on Target with Big Ugly Tester (Accu-Chek Compact Plus)

I have been posting over the past few days on what the Naturally Sweet Sisters thought of their new DexCom G4 Continous Glucose Monitors (CGMs).  Most of their worries revolved around the injection, specifically the dreaded needle.  No one wants a poke, even kids that are as brave as these two are.

What I haven't covered (and a reason that I waited a few more days to write this) is how the DexCom is actually working.

Almost immediately after the second calibration, I noticed a tight correlation in numbers between the CGM and blood sugar meters for oldest daughter.   That correlation was even better for youngest daughter and happened after the initial calibration.  I attribute much of this to the location of the sensors (tush for oldest daughter and arm for youngest).  In our experience, all of that sitting tends to be a hazard when it comes to sending signals.

The reception distance throughout the house is amazing.  Initially, I hesitated to take the receivers too far from the girls, but as our 7-day sensor came closer to a full week, I decided to brave it.  After all, what could happen except a failed sensor?

And here is probably the best part of this review.  The sensor continued to work with the receiver.... even at a distance greater than 20 feet.  In fact, the receiver worked at about three times that distance.  With no failure, ever.

Which sparks the cost question.... with funds being limited for most families living with type 1 diabetes, why would anyone consider the Medtronic MySentry?  Obviously, Medtronic will need to bring their costs into alignment with DexCom and hopefully, this will spark a price fairness for all new medical components released in the future. 

Until then, if you are considering a CGM or the MySentry, I would consider the G4.  And no, DexCom has not offered me or given me anything to say these words.  Just an honest recommendation from a Naturally Sweet Sister.

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