Thursday, November 29, 2012

Healing Sites - A Double Entendre

When I write a blog article, I usually start with the title. 

A clever (I think) title helps me stay focused on the content that I want to create and how to loop my readers back around as I end the discussion.

Today, after writing the words Healing Sites, I had to pause and reflect...

My article was going to be about oldest and youngest daughter's efforts to ignore their, ahem -  "hiney", for a few weeks so old infusion site marks had enough time to thoroughly heal.

And the area looks perfect!  Two weeks of not going into the usual rotation did the trick. 

But after re-reading Healing Sites, I realized that those words are so much more...

Healing Sites might mean the life giving infusion of insulin that flows minute by minute into my daughters' body; helping to heal the potential damage from two wrecked pancreas.

Healing Sites.

I like it.  Somehow those words seem comforting to me. 

Especially as I am filled with dread in anticipation of waking my beautiful, sleeping babes from their warm, deep slumber in order to perform two new (and often painful) site changes before they head off to school.

None of us like that time of day for an infusion site change - although, once again I have to ask - is there any time that is good?!

But maybe, just maybe having a paradigm shift (as I plan to explain that bit of wisdom to them) of Healing Sites will make the owie a tiny bit better.

Or if not, than a 2.5 carb Hershey Kiss with breakfast and look around for our elf, Cookie might just do the trick!

Photo: Yep...  magic:)
Youngest Daughter with the perfect Magic moment of discovered Cookie and his tiny elfin sized donuts!

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