Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday - All I Want For Christmas Is Anything EXCEPT Diabetes

Today is Black Friday.

Right about now, oldest daughter and I are out shopping.  Yes, we are one of those people.

No, I am not really shopping... instead I am spending some fun time people watching with my oldest and making a 'first' memory with her.

This is her first Black Friday.

In all the years leading up to now, she has been my Christmas elf and excitedly on the other side of the curtain - like Dorothy meeting Oz for the first time.  Fully believing and ready to do whatever good behavior it took to get that BIG present.

Only this year has the curtain opened so that she may enjoy the view from both sides.

She is growing up.

What I wanted to share with you is something that she told me now that her view is different.

Diabetes supplies do not make good presents.

So I am sharing that bit of wisdom with you. 

Even if your budget is limited and you really want to give your child something diabetes related, don't do it on Christmas (or a birthday).

If you do, you may risk having your child think that all you see is a diabetic and not the person within. 

It happened last year to a friend of hers and she confessed that it was one of the downfalls leading up to the revealing of the Great Oz.  The girls talked about it and decided it was unfair of Santa to even consider such a thing, especially when the child only wanted some simple CDs.  And worse, only one of them received a diabetes gift.  Why not both?

No one wants a reminder of type 1 diabetes, most of all during Christmas.  

No glucose tabs, no pumps, no pouches, nothing of the sort.

Instead, save it all for a quiet day when you aren't making a lasting memory.  Santa will be a rock star!

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