Sunday, November 18, 2012

Instant Connection AND Something BIG to Share

I've talked before about 'my peeps'.  You know, those people that you instantly connect with.   Especially people living in the world of type 1 diabetes.  No matter who they are, we just seem to get each other.

I can be out and about, simply minding my own business, when suddenly...


By the way, that noise of a meter whirring away can make me whip my head around faster than hearing the word "Sale" at Macy's. 

What?????  That was the call of one of my peeps!  Who is testing their blood sugar? 


That's what meeting someone new (who also happens to live with type 1 diabetes) is like for me, my daughters and my entire family.  It is an innate feeling that just bonds you together.  I don't know about you, but meeting someone fully engaged in our world is AWESOME.   

Instant Connection happened again and this time, over something very big that (I think - heck, I am just going to tell you anyway!) can be shared.

Our recent instant connection arrived in the form of an invite to make a video for the 2013 JDRF Promise Ball to be held on May 3rd at the MGM Grand in Detroit, Michigan, which is my big news to share.

Whoooooooops!  I think I just let the strip out of the meter! (Like my clever play on words of the cat out of the bag?)

And this might be one of my favorite moments.... do you see what she has on her tee?

Whatever.  Apparently my comedy chops aren't that great but my very own Naturally Sweet Sisters are!  They were chosen, along with a few other awesome T1D peeps, to participate in the making of the 2013 JDRF Promise Ball video. 

This might be the highest honor that we have received through our six years of living with type 1 diabetes.  After all, by making this video and asking for donations through this venue, we are really representing all of the amazing families that live with type 1 diabetes. 

That's a big job and one, even with comedy sprinkled in, that we take very seriously. 

The theme for the 2013 JDRF Promise Ball  is Friday Night Live (like Saturday Night Live) and the video will follow the fun and crazy antics of six awesome t1d peeps - with a little true life grit of what goes one behind the scenes.  Our favorite television weatherman, Brandon Roux, will be narrating along with a grandson and grandpa duo and a very cool young adult (most likely the only one of us who actually can stay awake long enough to watch Saturday Night Live -without having to OnDemand!)

It won't make sense until production puts it together, but youngest daughter might have a calling in theater arts.

Today the group gathered at a very cold video production warehouse and introduced ourselves for the first time.  As the girls whipped out their blood sugar meters to test (one felt low and one felt high), another mom walked in and gave a big smile of recognition for what was happening.  No words of explanation were needed - we just get each other.  Especially over the sound of BEEP.

This moment most touching of all, grandpa with his hand lovingly on his grandson.  Two sisters forever bonded.  A fearless young man who tackled T1D head on.  This is the reality of living with type 1 diabetes. There are no get out of jail free cards when you are diagnosed.

Later as individual interview segments were being recorded, a light lunch was brought out.  Juice boxes appeared on the table and then, as if by magic, a wonderful JDRF friend, Susan, dropped off the carb counts.  (Now let me tell you something, I can go all over the world with people that I see everyday and who KNOW us and never once, will someone keep a label out!)

These are our peeps. 

And this singular reason might be why it is so important to be involved with the type 1 diabetes community


Because for as much as I enjoyed it, I happened to glance over at two very happy girls who were coloring, smiling and feeling the very same connection.

One last little (or BIG) piece of information to share is that our video will be aired on the night (May 3rd) of the 2013 JDRF Promise Ball.  Until then, I will share a few of the production shots as they become available to me.  I, like you, are so excited to see the final outcome.  It will surely be hard to wait...  but please stay posted for more to come on this......


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ahh! Very cool! And what is that on the tee? Some sort of diabetes device that's about to be smashed to bits, I hope? :-)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Absolutely! The director gave her a motivation (cure) and she ran with it.... smashing her pump while having the biggest smile in the world. Made a promise to her that when the day comes, that is exactly how we will do it too!!!!

Shari said...

Believe me! Meeting you and your adorable daughters: the pleasure was all ours! My father-in-law still talks about how cute they are! Looking forward to being with you guys soon!

Unknown said...

ive had diabetes since i was 21 years old. Now im 36 years old.i think it is heard to control your bloodsugar.