Friday, January 16, 2015

And Off She Went

With ever-present, ever-annoying alarm sounding at 5:30 a.m., against my usual desire to curl back up and hibernate for another hour (or three), I instantly woke up and hopped out of bed.

Our oldest daughter was heading off to a leadership camp.

While the distance of the camp wasn't overly far, just at a neighboring county school, it was still a journey.  Even more so, it was outside of our normal routine and as life has been for most of this year, our oldest daughter would be on her own for care throughout the day.  (For the record, this day will also include a breakfast of bagels and doughnuts, followed by a lunch of pizza!  Pre-planning is a key to her success and she has already decided to opt away from the carb-laden breakfast by bringing alternatives and eating a breakfast at home.)

As I moved around the kitchen, making sure that she was ready to go and juggling a hot mug of coffee for myself, I was reminded yet again, of how life is transitioning.

This isn't the first trip away from mom and dad, nor would it be the last.

Our oldest daughter is sprouting her wings of confidence and ready to fly through the world on our her own.  And while this journey was a short, one-day event, it still spoke volumes of where she was headed.  Her future is bright.  College WILL happen.  I see that now.

Finishing my coffee and saying good-bye with a reminder to, "Eat a snack and text me", I quietly kept one more thought to myself.

I wish I would have known someone else's 'Oldest Daughter' so that I would have understood early on that life will happen exactly as you believe it be possible.  

T1D is only as limiting as you allow.  

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