Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A T1D Mom's Insomnia - A Post of 10 Random thoughts

Pretty Safe to Assume That Sleeping Beauty Is Not A T1D Parent!

It's 11:21 p.m. and I have been 'sleeping' for about an hour.

Except, I am not.

I'm in my office and chugging my umpteenth bottle of water for the day. I feel twitchy and restless as sometimes happens as a mom of two with T1d.  Even though I logically know everything is fine, my head just can't (or won't) settle down enough to fall asleep.

So if you can't beat it, write it with a goofy (yet true) nonsensical blog entry of  my very own version of Insomnia:  A Top Ten Countdown of Random Thoughts!

(In bed, attempting to sleep)

10. - I'm thirsty.  How much water did I have have today?  Definitely not enough. Am I dehydrated?
9.   - It sure was hot today.  Glad I am indoors with air.  Wait, why is it so freaking hot in our house?
8.   - Is the air on?  I hope it didn't break.  That's an expense we don't want right now with the kids.
7.   - Kids!  How are the kids sleeping in this heat?  Hubby sleeps through everything.  Grrr.
6.   - Wait, why haven't I heard any noises from the kids' rooms?  It's too quiet. Are they dehydrated?
5.   - Is the Share working? I better check.  Wait.  Is the volume on the cell phone on?  I better check.
4.   - Maybe I am awake for a reason?  Maybe I am not supposed to sleep in case something happens.
3.   - Did hubby check their blood sugars before he went to sleep? How on earth is he sleeping? Grrr!
2.   - I better check the Share again.  Maybe it is not working.  I better just test the girls directly.

(Get up, walk to bedroom 1 and bedroom 2 for a little Florence Nightingale round of blood sugars and then, head back in hopes of having all thoughts rested for a solid night's sleep)

1.   - Perfect numbers?  How is that possible?  I better stay awake and check again in a few hours.

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