Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Is Flying By

Summer Endocrinology Appointment

July is a wonderful month.

We live in Michigan and while I may be (am!) biased, I believe that our northern summers are the best around.  We tend to have lots of sunshine, limited rainfall and an abundance of lakes and parks to play and romp around in.  What's even more rewarding is that summer reminds us that winter also has a few perks, mainly an inevitable cool down.  Our common phrase is, "Whew!  It sure is HOT today. WAIT!  Not that I am complaining..." As a Michigander, we know that the end of the sentence can, no matter what time of year can easily be finished with "because there still could be snow on the ground."

So we enjoy summer as best as we can to savour the memories as winter will undoubtedly arrive much sooner than any of us care to imagine.

This is also a time of many, many appointments for the girls.  Another perk of summer is the endless flexibility of schedules due to the lack of school commitments.  During the last few weeks, we have made it to pediatric physicals, dentistry, ophthalmology, endocrinology, one fasting blood draw clinic, and as of this morning, even the orthodontist.

It takes a lot to keep our world healthy and we are careful to include preventative care to avoid those scary long-term complications.

Sometimes, it feels like the scales are tipping too far into the medical direction.  Right now, is one of those times.

As I write this, I am checking off a mental list of relaxation days.  Yes, we need beach days.  We need more time at the water.  And summer silliness, complete with water balloons, sprinklers and slip 'n slides.  Thinking we need more of that too.  And maybe a pajama day.  I definitely need that.

This job as a full time pancreas is hard work - not just for me, but for our entire family. Avoiding burn-out might just possibly the most important aspect of preventative care that we can manage.

So here is a great reminder to squeeze all of the sunshine out of summer, so that we can manage through the long winter ahead.

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