Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Swimming with Dr. Joel Steelman, Cook Children's Endocrine and Diabetes Program

Swimming with smiles and living with Type 1 Diabetes!

A few years ago, I wrote up a blog post on swimming while living with Type 1 Diabetes in response to a Naturally Sweet Sister reader that had questions about keeping a healthy blood sugar routine while at the beach.

Immediately following that post, I wrote a second update about oldest daughter's sudden inability to keep infusion sites on during hot, sticky (and swim-filled) months of July.  Many helpful readers wrote in comments about products that they used with success, especially for swimming.  To date, these are a few of the more popular blog posts that I have written.

It seems like during the summer months, we all have the same challenges regarding the special nuances of summertime, swimming and T1d.

It made even more sense to share additional information that we have acquired as a family living with T1d with Dr. Joel Steelman from Cook Children's Endocrine and Diabetes Program.  Dr. Steelman explained that he was working on an article called SWIMMING WITH TYPE 1 SURVIVAL GUIDE.   His goal aligned with the Naturally Sweet Sisters which is to help keep kids with T1D stay safe.  We offered to share our personal views as a family of two teenagers living with T1D while keeping it truly "kids first, diabetes second".

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