Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Total Health Care

Today was high school sports physical day.  

It was also middle school immunizations and check-ups on eye-sight and hearing day.  

Our pediatrician works with our endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, dietician and allergist and together, they can see where the girls are in terms of growth and general health.

We manage this coordination of medical needs through the girls' electronic records which connect each specialist within our larger pediatric hospital system.  

It's a simple way to organize our numerous appointments and resulting check-ups through multiple doctors.  

I mention this, as today, we picked up on another medical concern (mild spinal curve) with our youngest daughter. While we start to investigate next steps, I know with certainty, that our doctors, and any new team specialists that we need to add, will be able to work together to help us create a healthy pathway. 

Yet again, this underscores the importance of having a solid team during our journey through chdhood.  

While yet another diagnosis stinks, I feel confidant that we are in great hands. 

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