Thursday, June 9, 2016

7th Grade Writing Prompt; Prompting Tears

This week, we are wrapping up another year of school.  It's been a hectic, busy, hyper-focused month and everything seemed to stall - besides studying, completing projects and taking final exams. Now that we are in the home stretch towards a long summer vacation, much of the work completed at school has been trickling home.

Dated September 16th, 2015, an English journal entry popped out of the myriad of school papers.  With wide eyes and while holding my breath, what I read was one of the most gut-wrenching parenting realities.  As I have shared, the start of the school year was full of 'forgot to bolus', or 'forgot to check'.  Reading her thoughts provides a rear view mirror to the road map that I wished to have found sooner.

Middle school (and a new school for her this year) is tricky on the best of days.  While my first reaction was a wish to have intercepted her words sooner, I know that her inner heart was handled with love and kindness.  Taking a second look through that same rear view mirror, the sentiment that was expressed by her teacher, especially after having only been in class for a few weeks, was the perfect tonic to soothe her worry.  Even better than if the same words had been spoken by mom or dad.  Sometimes the words with the biggest weight and the most meaning, linger longer in the mind when it comes from someone outside of their comfort zone.  Like my girls have teased, I have to love them!  In this case, their teacher, does not.  The result? As we finish this long growth-filled year, she has moved away from the 'forgots', found her circle of camaraderie and eagerly awaits her upcoming summer adventures. She is happy.  She is loved.  She is ready.

If I could change one thing about my life... 

If I could change one thing about my life, it would be to not have type one diabetes.  I would like to not have it because it gets in the way sometimes.  I would like to have the life of a normal 11 year old girl.  If I did not have type one diabetes, I would eat so much food and not put insulin in.  I am a bit tired of people asking me what it is, but if I never had type one diabetes, I would never get that question again.  I know a few other people who have type one diabetes and I bet they would say the same thing.  Even though there is no cure, I am going to live life to the fullest. 

Teacher Response

Thank you for crossing that out.  There is no such thing as a "normal 11 year old girl".  Every single one that I have ever known is unique and special and one of a kind.  Including you. :)


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Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon this post while looking for other info you've shared. This stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away and brought me to tears. It is almost like she read Robert's mind as he transitioned to middle school this past school year. Please, please, please know just how much I LOVE this post! Hug your sweet pea for me and let her know that I think she is an exceptional young lady who is going to change the world in big ways! Hugs to all of you! xoxo