Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It is the little things...

A finger poke with a nice blood droplet.

A perfectly healed up arm.

A non-hurting site injection.

A sister-to-sister meter race that ends with a tie.

A waiter who actually understands why you need an appetizer STAT.

A nurse that turns the other cheek when you steal latex gloves in order to create a chicken head.

A friend who thinks your pump is cool.

A doctor who doesn't emphasize an unattainable A1C.

A neighbor who offers to watch your girls for an evening.

A loaded carb treat just because you want to.

A perfect carb free treat because you want to.

A flat line on the CGM.

A coach who isn't scared to play you.

A teacher who understands the need to wait for an in-range blood sugar.

A test strip discovered in a remote place to remind you that others have walked the same path.

Most importantly,

A day where you forget all about type 1 diabetes.

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