Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surgery Is Scary (even without Type 1 Diabetes)

Our oldest daughter broke her hand while playing a recreational league soccer game. 

It happened last June.

Remarkable as we have been taught to keep our children with diabetes healthy.  Even the tiniest blister or torn toenail can raise a red flag.  Yet somehow, this broken little scaphoid bone managed to stay well below the always present "Mom Radar" - for two months.

After two sets of x-rays, one MRI without contrast, one MRI with contrast, too-many-to-count physical exams and a brand new set of specialists, surgery is happening.

And it is scary.

Fasting and stable blood sugars do not seem to go together. Similiar in the way that an incurable disease and a child shouldn't be happening either.

The wisest words were spoken directly from the patient, "Mom, I just really wish that this could be all over but I don't want to go through any of it to get there."

I understand dear child.  Me too.

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