Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Walk - Another Year Has Come and Gone

The 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes was held this past Saturday.  The turnout was much the same; families and businesses coming together in an effort to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes and to funnel research dollars into a possible cure. 

This is our fifth year of participating in the walk. 

There is no cure.

We walked because it is our duty.  Simply because if the families decide not to walk, then the corporations will  lose interest in our disease and move onto one of those "hot topic" diseases that seem to gather lots of media attention.  If we stop walking, JDRF, our biggest advocate of finding a cure, will lose funding and government pressure will cease to exist.  If we stop walking, my girls will think that we have given up hope.

If that happens, there will still be no cure.

Over the years, my walk tears have dried up.  I now find myself positioned as a team captain for our group.  Lining us up for photo shoots, passing our parking vouchers, ensuring that everyone walking has found their way to the food tent, or the petting zoo or to the bathrooms. 

People see me smiling.  I laugh, nod at strangers and make silly jokes to keep the newest team members from feeling sad.  After it is over, I hug everyone and thank them for coming.  I hear a lot of them say they can't wait for next year! 

And I know next year will come.  The year after, too.  In fact, it will be years before we have even FDA approval for new technology.  Most certainly, a cure is far, far, far in the future.

In the future.  In the future.  In the future.

But still, someday.

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