Thursday, August 16, 2012

School Tools - Sharps Containers

Without having the need to dispose of multiple daily syringes, my kids requested something a little smaller for school.  Not sure what I could use, I looked around at a few of our local pharmacies and only found the usual quart or gallon size sharps disposal containers.

According to my oldest daughter, "No way am I going to carry that thing around".

Finally, at CVS Pharmacy, we stumbled across these little cuties in the glucose tab aisle. These sharp containers are designed to hold just a few (four, I think) syringes but are the perfect size for the zillion little plastic strips and tiny lancets. 

A package of four is only $3.99.   The best part is that these are purse size and very convenient for traveling to and from school, ball games, or piano lessons.  No more floating lancets or strips at the bottom of a purse or backpack. 

I did check online and it appears that they are only in-store.  Hope this helps someone else from having to carry more than they need to.

Your kids might be extra happy about going back to school.  Well, um, maybe. 


Michelle I said...

these are fantastic! i wish we'd had them on our road trip earlier this month!

thanks for sharing!

laura said...


Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thanks Laura and Michelle! Anytime that I can find something like that, it makes me so happy to be able to share!! Glad you love them too.