Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overheard: Giggles and Observations

During the summer months, I am sometimes invisible.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, because really, what it means is that the beauty of summer is allowing the freedom of playing without mom constantly offering suggestions for boredom or breaking up squabbles.  On this particular day, while I sat quietly in the kitchen, writing up a grocery shopping list, I had the chance to overhear a gem of a conversation between my daughters.  Even though I was in full view, both girls seemingly forgot that I was there or perhaps didn't realize that I was listening. 

And boy, am I glad!  This was a conversation that had me trying to hold in my own laughter. 

Out of the mouth of babes...

Youngest Daughter:  I am glad you are my sister. (admiring a homemade sticker that her sister had cut a small hole out of to put over her infusion set on her arm).

Oldest Daughter:  Why?

Youngest Daughter:  No one else would make me a special site sticker. 

Oldest Daughter:  Yes and no one else would know what a site was.

Youngest Daughter:  (laughing) They might think a 'site' is something you see.

Oldest Daughter:  (giggling like crazy) Or maybe a site is something that you go to.

Youngest Daughter:  Remember that lady who thought we wore walkie-talkies?

Oldest Daughter:  Yes!  She was CRAZY! (hysterical laughter).

Youngest Daughter:  She was!  I wanted to say "Lady, I don't even know what a walkie-talkie is!". 

Oldest Daughter:  That lady was OLD!  She was... dad's age!!!!!!  (gobs of laughter from both!)

All I have to say, is thank goodness that was 'dad's age' and not mine!


Stacy said...

Love moments like that!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Haha! That's a great story!