Monday, July 22, 2013

Pump Pouch Giveaway - Madiola Designs and Naturally Sweet Sisters

Youngest and oldest modeling their new Madiola Designs

The dog days of summer are upon us and if are like me, searching for a cool haven in the heat means only one thing... ONLINE SHOPPING!!!!!

Whoo hoo!

And even better, thinking ahead to back-to-school shopping!

Blue and white polka dot with red flower

Which is exactly what I stumbled across with Madiola Designs, maker of  the world's cutest and most adorable insulin pump pouches.  Madiola Designs can also be found on Facebook.

With a clear window for viewing too!

As soon as I laid eyes on them (and with a squeal from youngest daughter as she saw them), I thought it would be a perfect new, back-to-school, look for our two little girls. 

She's tiny and this pouch actually looks size appropriate!
As oldest daughter pointed out, the Madiola Designs are super cute, especially with their own belts.  "Belts are totally in!" She said and ran to show me her iPod with pictures from Instagram.  "These would look so cute with my braided belt.  Or this one."  She said as she pointed to different pictures of her friends, whom all were wearing the similar versions of the same belt.

Oldest daughter is a picky fashionista and this Madiola Design passed her test!

I understand her desire to be fashionable as she is teetering on teenager years.  The fall will bring about an entirely new set of challenges at Junior Highschool and for me, I hope (as I do every school year) that my child not only takes new books and school supplies, but also her type 1 diabetes along.

If a new pump pouch helps that to happen, than I am 'in' too! 

After a simple communication with Madiola Designs (color, pump style and the decision to use our own belts - everything can be purchased with or without belts), in a short few days, our beautiful pump pouches arrived in a nice brown envelope.

Fun mail is the best mail!

I don't know about you, but pretty tissue paper always makes me happy!  Opening the Madiola Designs pump pouches, we found our two, made perfectly for youngest and oldest daughter.

The pump pouch is designed to have a nice, zippered top.
It is thin and not bulky which is perfect under or outside of shirts and tops. 
The back has two straps for a belt to go through.  I don't think this limits you to pants though as it could be worn on the outside of a dress or a skirt too. 

This could be yours!  See below for the giveaway details!
Before I let the girls try them on, I thought it might be fun to see what else we could use the Madiola Designs pump pouches for.

Injections.  We fit in several injections, there was also room for an insulin bottle and a few glucose tabs.

Injections can be cute too! 
Smarties.  Sometimes, when my kids will be gone on field trips, it is nice to have a little extra glucose.  You could also remove the belt and just tuck the pouch into a purse, lunchbox or even a backpack.  Or use one of the hardware store ring clips to make the pouch into a keychain and dangle it right in the locker, off a book bag or even clipped to a binder.

Candy, candy, candy everywhere or until you need it, right?

Sigums.  Or what some people might refer to as a Dexcom G4.  It fits perfectly! 

I love hot pink and navy!

Here is youngest daughter modeling her pump pouch.   Too cute for an early a.m. photo op!

Here is oldest daughter modeling her pump pouch.  Sweet girl!

And the best news...  Madiola Designs graciously offered one free pump pouch to a reader.    Here is youngest daughter holding the pouch up to hers.  Isn't that the cutest style????  It is called gray roses and would be adorable with anything pink, yellow, black, white... even red!  Super cute!!!

Contest details:

To Enter the Madiola Designs and Naturally Sweet Sisters giveaway,

1.)  Simply go HERE to check out all of the Madiola Designs pump pouches
2.)  Then, leave a comment on this blog post (must be on the website) telling us what your favorite Madiola Designs pump pouch is. 

You may enter 1 time.   The contest runs from today, Monday, July 22nd, 2013 to Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m..  The winner will be announced on Thursday, July 25th, 2013.

3.)  To add a very sweet offer, if you do not win or want to order a Madiola Design for your back-to-school sweetie, please order directly from Madiola Design and be sure to send a message that states you are a Naturally Sweet Sisters reader for an additional 10% off of your order from now until August 1st, 2013.  So be sure to order right away!!!

Madiola Designs can also be found on Facebook if you would like to send a comment on how cute these little pouches are:)

Good-luck and can't wait to see who wins!!!!!!


Elizabeth Stratton said...

Loved the Purple birds! Although I am sure my daughter would choose something different. My 11 year old daughter has the pink ping also, :)

Lauren Rogers said...

My daughter loves the Pink and White Damask. She loves the design on it. :)

bvrooks said...

Love the one with the bright colored chevrons!! Tons of super cute options :-)

Unknown said...

I love the grey and pink pouch displayed with the pouch belt. those colors always look great together. and the polka dots with interchangeable crochet flowers, what a great idea :)

Emily said...

Happy #dblogcheck Day! :)

My favorite one is the brown with polka dots (polka dot with 2 interchangeable crocheted flowers)

laura said...

#dblogcheck. You're girls are looking so grown up! What cuties! (I don't need to be in the drawing but love the pouches and their family!)

Unknown said...

Love your blog and this giveway is awesome! I love the pouch with the trucks and cars on it. My little boy would love all of the bright colors on it!

Karen said...

How cool!! I'm not entering the contest, but just wanted to leave a comment for #dblogcheck day. :) Best of luck to all who did enter!!

Marjorie said...

Amy would love the purple birds!
I've searched the Internet high and low and have com across a few pouches we like. Wish I could sew better!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

The contest is now closed. Lucky # 9 is the winner! Marjorie, please send us an email with your name and pump style and we will get your new pump pouch to you!