Wednesday, April 2, 2014

394 And A Perfect Score

I don't know what a high blood sugar feels like.

I've only been able to read the vast array of symptoms such as being thirsty, having blurry vision, feeling weak or tired, unable to concentrate or feeling antsy.

My girls have also told me that they sometimes have sharp pains in their stomach, so much so that they want to lay their heads down and cry.  They tell me that they often feel so thirsty that all of the water in the world isn't enough to calm the dryness.

They also (embarrassingly enough) feel the need to go to the bathroom every few minutes, so concentration is out the door for most every task, until they find relief.  Almost like a clock, they explain that if they do not see their blood sugar numbers going down, it is difficult not to panic and worry about things like ketones or dehydration.

As I write this, I feel both an incredible amount of sadness that my girls have to go through this and also, a huge amount of pride that they manage so well, in spite of this.

Because yesterday, as a validation of the deep strength that they possess, even while battling t1d, this came home:


See that 394 in the top right corner?  Well, that is a 394 mg/dl.

See that 40/40 circled in blue?  Well, that is a perfect score on a math test.

See that type 1 diabetes holding her back?  Well, me either.


Christina T. said...
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Christina T. said...

What a great post! This is exactly how I feel about my little girl Lily who was diagnosed a year ago at age 7. I just stumbled upon your blog while investigating pumps and enjoyed your site. Also, we are heading to Disney World soon and I'm getting a little nervous :/

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Hi Christina,
Glad you found us!!! I bet Lily is excited to be heading to Disney. It is awesome! Don't be nervous because in our experience, all goes well every visit. Just plan for lots of breaks, have some snacks and enjoy the fun of the moment. Disney really is magical!!! :)