Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter, Candy and the Big Bunny

While it still seems like the arctic north where we live, there is no denying that even with snow on the ground, Easter shall soon be upon us.  

My philosophy with Easter has been very consistent through the years.  The Easter Bunny fills plastic eggs with spare change, gum and little trinkets and hides them all around the house or in good weather, outside in the yard.

The basket is also hidden and filled with a small smattering of candy and outdoor items like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, frisbees, kick balls and jump ropes.  One year the Bunny brought matching Razor Scooters and to this day, the girls still use those on a regular basis.

In fact, I think during my childhood in the 1970's, the Easter Bunny managed the holiday in much of the same way. I also remember getting jump ropes and colorful kick balls.  

However as time has gone on and the kids have grown, they are less interested in the small toys and trinkets.  They are now aware of certain things such as HOW the bunny operates.  I know this from suggestive comments and outright requests.

Two weeks ago, Oldest Daughter stopped in the heavily filled, pastel colored Target store Easter aisle and said, "Mom, if you can get a message to the Easter Bunny (while giving me a big, sly smile), please mention that I would LOVE this kind of chocolate bunny in my basket.

She points up to the top shelf where there is quite possibly, the largest chocolate bunny that has ever been made.  

Over 2 lbs of hollow milk chocolate, which makes this guy about three feet tall!

Not to be left out, Youngest Daughter squealed and said, "YES!  That is the chocolate bunny that I have ALWAYS wanted!"  She smiles just as broadly and with the help of her older sister, manages to get it off the shelf and into her hands for a closer look.

I stifle every single impulse I have to flip giant box over and immediately scan the nutrition label.  This thing is HUGE.  The girls are holding it together and giggling over the name.  "Big" in an understatement.  Ginormous Binks would have been better.  

This kind of confectionery monstrosity is NOT something that the Easter Bunny would normally consider.  In our house, the Easter Bunny has always brought a small, thoughtful and delicious Godiva chocolate bunny.  I am sure that the Easter Bunny believed that it was better to get some good chocolate than a waxy substitute, if you know what I mean.  Especially at certain times of the month when the children are gone and the ears need to be nibbled on.

But guess what?  Kid brains do not think that way.  They simply see the best as the biggest.  To their childish minds, having a bunny like that is the ultimate in Easter candy goodness.  It is like a trophy from the Furry Guy that shouts, "This kid is NUMBER 1!"

In fact, I remember back to circa 1970 something and begging my mom for a store-bought Easter basket.  The kind that was shrink wrapped on the shelves with a fake Barbie peering out and stuffed with paper to make it appear fuller than it was.  I wanted that more than anything our regular bunny lovingly put together.  During that decade, homemade was out and it was much more fashionable to get a K-mart basket, or so I thought in my ten-year old brain.

What my mom did, yes, she who led us to be grateful for whatever we were given, was to make an abrupt and shocking decision to send the Easter Bunny a note to request that shrink wrapped plastic goodness.

It was my favorite Easter of all.  I even loved the crumpled tissue in the bottom of the basket.   I think I cried when the doll's head popped off about 45 minutes into playing with it.  No matter, it was the best moment of all Easter time.  

I thought about that memory several times after we left Target that day.

That kind of happiness is simple enough to fulfill.  My wise mom knew it back in 1970 and probably swallowed her concerns over knowing that the cheaply made doll wouldn't last a day.  She knew even back then that childhood was fleeting and memory opportunities will last a lifetime.  

I thought about the nutrition label a few times more.  I also thought about the waste that will most certainly occur as no one will even eat it all.  But what really stuck out in my mind is what would the Easter Bunny have done without type 1 diabetes in the picture?  

Yes, you are probably right.  

So this year, perhaps the Naturally Sweet Sisters will have a delightful surprise on Easter morning too. 

Remember, kids first, diabetes second.  

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