Friday, March 21, 2014

Forgot to Pack a Lunch Today

Early morning, and as I am trying not to reach for coffee after weening myself off early in the new year, I struggle to think about the daily agenda.


Permission slip for field trip?

Eye appointment?

All seems well and in order.  Oldest daughter is already at school, thanks to Naturally Sweet Dad and so it is just me and the little(r) one.  Although as we stand side by side, I notice that she is meeting me eye to eye.  Apparently that sneaky growth has been happening when I wasn't looking.

Out the door we go and into the cold spring morning air.  On the drive, she switches the radio to satellite to tune in her top 40 Disney hits.  Singing, she is blissfully unaware of anything but being a happy 5th grade kid on her way to school.

Then suddenly... LUNCH!

The word sticks out so much that I actually squeal in the car.  Feeling that sense of panic over not having crafted a perfectly organized lunch with a carbohydrate sheet for dosing insulin, I quickly glance for areas to turn the car around, while muttering about forgetting her lunch, and head back home.

Then, Youngest Daughter looks at me and smiles.  "That's cool, mom.  I can pick out something from school.  They have this new thing.  It looks like a salad but it is hard-boiled eggs, lunch meat and carrots with ranch.  They make it there and my friends have been getting it.  I could get some chips too."  She adds the last part hopefully and doesn't look at me in case I say no.

I frown for a second and try to think of what she is referencing.  I only know a little of the ala carte option that the middle school offers.  Youngest Daughter continues chatting on with the merits of the new lunch option.  I listen cautiously.  Clearly, she sees this as an opportunity to do something that she has always wanted to do.

Watching her smiling face and animated features, I know what the right thing to do.  Tentatively, I smile back at her and say, "Well, I guess we have a solution then.  How about you text me with what you decide to eat and try to add up the carbs yourself.   Text me those numbers too and we will check together."  She grins and nods in agreement and jumps out of the car to greet a friend.

As I pull away, the song 'Happy' blares from the Disney radio.

Despite the obstacles of T1d provided, she is still very happy.

And so am I.  Kids first, Diabetes second.

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