Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cut the Cord? Nope! Just Keep Adding Them!

I am losing my cord war.

Those pesky, irritating cords that help keep our world humming along.

We have cords for our phones; an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4, a Samsung phone and a basic phone.  From those four devices, each has their very own extension to a cord.  One is not even compatible with a USB, but only with a wall plug.

From there, our family line of technology moves into the Dexcom G4.  With two kids using this product, the result is another two chargers.

Even our blood sugar meters require charging.  While we toggle between the Animas Ping One Touch which IS battery operated, our two daughters, style mavens that they are, have declared the Verio to be smaller and 'cuter'.  Which of course, translates into more cords.

That doesn't even begin to count the reading devices, the laptops and the tablets.  Yes, each of these items have cords.

I find them everywhere; bedrooms, bathrooms ("Well, I had to charge it somewhere..."), kitchens, office and even our car.  Sometimes, I search in purses and backpacks only to find them stuffed in a gym bag.

Cords are everywhere.

And while this may seem like a first world issue and I am sure that it is, a lot of these cords are life-saving.

The ones for the DexCom?  I can't imagine not having a sensor these days.  It is the only thing that allows me a smidge of sleep.

The blood sugar meter?  For the first time in a months, I can already see an improvement in my daughters fingertips.  Less puffy, less calloused, and less scarring from those tiny poke marks.

So how do we do organize this new tech world that we live in?

For starters, I bought a few of these...

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