Friday, March 28, 2014

Love Is Fruit By the Foot

Our youngest daughter has two little boys that like her.

Yesterday, one of her young beaus remembered that youngest daughter had said she liked 'Fruit by the Foot.

  From how it was explained to me, she had told him a story that she hasn't eaten one since second grade, (insert an eye roll from mom because as a creative soul, she tends to exaggerate to make her point - huh, wonder where she gets that from???).  She said he had commiserated with her and even offered her the one he was about to eat, right on the spot.  She declined but I am sure she was charmed by his gesture.

At the same time, the other boy that likes her, quickly diverted her attention by making weird noises that sounded like farts.  Yes, this is the boy-style romance of fifth grade.  From what I gather, this was not as charming to her, although she did giggle a bit because she is also in fifth grade.

Yesterday, the first little boy decided to seize the moment and swear his undying love by bringing youngest daughter her very own Fruit by the Foot.  In the way that boys that age do, he said, "Here.  You want this?" and dropped it on her desk.  When I asked youngest daughter how she responded, she said, "I smiled and said thank you and watched him turn really red. Then, I felt bad for making him embarrassed, so I shoved it in my desk.  Plus there are no carb counts on these."

Later that day and after witnessing the Fruit by the Foot drop-off, the second little boy decided that enough was enough and got into a scuffle with the first boy.  They wrestled at the lockers and were separated by the teacher.  In an hour, the two boys were back to being friends as though nothing had ever happened.

Youngest daughter was not nearly as calm.  She jumped into the car after school and feeling worried, told me the entire story.  As she sat back and contemplated the days events, she declared, "This is EXACTLY why I am not ready to be involved in a relationship.  Boys are too much work!"

Then, she happily devoured the Fruit by the Foot which we guessed to be about 15 carbs!


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