Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Feel Beautiful Today

Somehow, we managed to hit the teacher jackpot this year.  Both of the girls are surrounded by strong, smart and wonderful adults that are fully committed to shepherding them through a year of love and learning.

It really doesn't get any better than this which is underscored by this example:

               In one of our oldest daughter's classes, a teacher stepped out from behind the proverbially desk (modern times - no desks and only smart boards/laptops) to impart some brilliant wisdom that can only come from having life experience as a long-ago teenager.

As she scanned the room of reticent young faces, instead of keeping her thoughts inward, the teacher decided that she needed to share a critical point.

My daughter, always quietly listening and watching, devoured the words immediately.  Simple as it was, the impact from a beloved teacher was immediate.  I noticed as she re-told the story to me, her stance was taller, straighter and more empowered.

This is the kind of gift that only the best of teachers can provide.  Even if mom said it a thousand times before, the message never had an impact like it did today.

What was it, you ask?  Here you go (and while paraphrased by oldest daughter, this is the basic concept).

"Girls and boys: You may not be feeling very good about the way you look or maybe you are feeling negative about 8th grade.  However, I want you to know that when I look at you, I see only how beautiful you are.  I want you to know that when I look back on the pictures that I had as a teenager, even though I didn't feel that way then, I now see how good I did look.  I think, "Damn!  I was gorgeous!".  Yes, I know I just said a bad word but I want you to know how serious I am.  Each of you are beautiful and lovely and smart and talented.  Enjoy these gifts now.  Don't wait to look back on some old pictures. Believe in yourself today because I do."

Thank you, Ms. H.!

From a mom of a teen aged daughter and her 'almost' teen aged sister

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