Monday, December 8, 2014

Sit With Me Until I Am Safe

Last night was a doozy.

Blood sugar fighting with some mad jabs throughout the day and landing a final low blow squarely on youngest daughter.

It wasn't the normal, well normal-'ish' because what is normal about a low blood sugar??, kind of low.  This one was fierce and seemed to hang on into infinity and beyond.

This low also had to happen right at bedtime.

After teeth were brushed.

Beds were tucked.

And on a Sunday night.


At the exact same time the final low blow happened, I found myself caught up in night-before-school-resumes mayhem and slightly irritated that T1D was interferring with what needed to be done around the house before Monday morning arrived.  I was more than a little upset at myself for slacking off over the weekend and not working harder to avoid the pile up of school stuff, lunches and laundry.

Once the low blood sugar was discovered thanks to the shrill squeal of her CGM alarm, and after I knew our youngest daughter had treated it with some juice and a few tabs for good measure, I started to mentally tick off the mountainous to-do list that required my immediate attention.  Antsy and impatient, I headed back to the hallway.

However, this night was different.  As I was about to leave her room and ready to explain that "I would be right back but had to do some mommy stuff", a little voice called out.

"Sit with me until I am safe."

For a second time that night, T1D pounded another fist of pain.  This time to me with the realization that I had forgotten how hard and scary it can be to recover from a low blood sugar, especially for a little girl.

My eyes instantly teared up and all other thoughts of to-do lists floated right out of my mind.  I could only think of her innocent words that expressed the only important thing in this world... which packaged as safety, was really more about family love.

So I sat with her; snuggling, cuddling, kissing and holding her tight.  I waited until the in-range CGM resumed and waited even longer, until well after her eyes grew heavy as she once-again relaxed.

I continued to stay for a long while later, watching as she slumbered and promising that I will never forget that powerful reminder.

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