Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buyer Be Aware! Plexus and Other 'Magic Remedies' for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

This is NOT a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!

On my Facebook feed this morning was (what I hope) was well-intended post from a local friend regarding her new business of selling Plexus. I believe her post was meant to help others in finding health in their own lives (and maybe to increase her sales).  Unfortunately, her post perpetuates the myth that T1D could be better treated with ANYTHING than by using medically prescribed insulin.  More specifically, through the use of an additive called Plexus. 

As we head into the holidays, please be aware of ANY type of 'cure' or instant fix for T1D (besides the use of monitoring blood sugar and insulin).  Using supplements in the hope of reducing blood sugar via taking less insulin can result in dangerously high blood sugar levels, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) or even loss of life.  

In addition, please be aware that representatives for Plexus are not doctors, nor do they necessarily have backgrounds in health or even first-hand knowledge of living with many of the diseases that the drink claims to help.  Plexus representatives are receiving paychecks for each product that you purchase and so it is in their best interest to help make the product look as positive as possible.

All we want at Naturally Sweet Sisters is for our loving Type 1 Diabetes Community to stay healthy, happy and able to enjoy a wonderful holiday season with their friends and family.

To me, that is the best kind of friendship.

What an amazing testimonial! Sure, Plexus can help you get control of your cravings, sleep better, and even help some people with weight loss, but these are my favorite stories.
Tanya shares:
"I am type 1 diabetic and along with my diabetes comes diabetic neuropathy pain.... At my appointment last year when my doctor pulled the A1C test I knew it was going to be mind blowing but however I did not realize it was going to read 14, so my husband was also there with me as the doctor began to share about so many of my other tests this was like telling me I had 8 months to live now mind you my UAB doctor had me on insulin and a pill. After I experienced several things with my body I felt like something was not right. Got a second opinion to find out my insulin was not working. On this day my blood sugar was 800 my regular doctor told my husband something had to be done and most of all he said I have no idea how I was not in a coma... Folks it was GOD himself keeping me alive to share this. Fast forward to a week ago when I was at my weakest with pain I could not do daily activities, walk, stand, sit or even enjoy spending family time without this aweful pain. I am a person who hates meds, that is when I received a message on Facebook asking if I wanted to try Plexus I'm like if it's safe for me YES I will. The day before my first sample my blood sugar was 596 on day 3 it was 191 and today it still remains in the 190s a huge step I have not only seen a difference in blood sugar but my pain level has come down I haven't been using Plexus for a week yet!!:)" - This was in July:)
UPDATE: Blood sugar is now 150-160

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your post. Bringing awareness to the truth about T1D is so important. I really hate to believe someone would willingly make these claims in an effort to sell more product.