Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shaping Your 2016 New Year - No Limitations, No Boundaries

My cousin recently posted a thoughtful Facebook comment regarding her plan for the upcoming new year. Having a marketing background, she said organizing was part of her nature by creating a yearly vision statement, complete with a theme and tone.  She further noted how helpful it has been as a guide to provide direction and consistency to achieving personal, family and even professional goals.
Oddly enough, I do it too.  Maybe you do as well.

Our family vision for 2015 was 'The Year of the Adventure."

For the four of us, it provided a consistent reminder of what we wanted to achieve.  Mostly, we wanted to break out of our comfort zone (as I have often said, I know we are safe with T1d when we are at home together) and try new things, albeit safely with T1d.  Whenever one of us felt unsure of an opportunity, we referred back to our January theme and reminded ourselves that this was truly 'The Year of Adventure'.

As a result, I took a leap and tackled projects that required tapping into my professional life, shifting responsibility and even several solo travel adventures.  The Naturally Sweet Dad sought and earned a new challenging professional position while managing our home during my absence.  Our oldest ventured off to not only a brand-new high school but sought to earn and complete a trip to Washington D.C. through iCAN and TAC,  position as Student Council Class Treasurer, Student Government, Key Club and Varsity Girl's Golf - all new experiences.  In turn, our youngest daughter started a new junior high school, applied and achieved a spot on the yearbook committee, the local theater troupe and volunteering as a mascot for her sister's golf program.

Whew!  Truly, it was a year of adventure.

Through those experiences, all four of us achieved personal and family growth.  The Naturally Sweet Dad renewed his multi-tasking skills as an amazing professional leader and home master organizer.  I learned that I still have some ninja-Jedi brain power leftover from being a mom and can keep up with the big kids.  And well, those girls - they just beamed through each achievement.  One of my favorite quotes was our oldest acknowledging how happy she is.

Our family vision for 2016 is "No limitations, No boundaries."

As the Naturally Sweet Dad and I discussed, the only limitation is our perceived notion of what our boundaries are.  We hope that we can create a paradigm shift within ourselves to show that we can do anything we set our minds too.  It's especially important as T1d often feels as though it imposes restrictions on the how, what, where and why.  While the girls remain with us through the last leg of childhood, I want to ensure that we not only talk about being able to do anything you want, but also, model the same behavior within ourselves.  

We can do it!  Raising our glass in a toast to ALL OF YOU too!  Remember "No limitations, No Boundaries!"

What is your vision for 2016?  We would love to hear from your inspiring perspective.

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