Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Three Little Gifts

Our girls have been busy working on interventions for improving health care this week.

Together, they wrote, directed and produced three unique videos to share on behalf of all kids that live with chronic health care.

The goal of their videos is to share aptly titled "Kid Innovations" at the Pediatrics 2040 Conference in January.  The conference will offer a four-hour learning session for kids to work with professors, doctors and researchers on development and implementation of ideas.

Both girls hope to encourage change by providing other adults within the medical and educational community a perspective of simple ideas that would make a world of difference in the eyes of a child.

As we all know, the psycho-social burden of a chronic disease is often greater to overcome than the physical side.  We can treat type 1 diabetes with insulin and go about the day.  Unfortunately, there is still much more than a prescription to cope with.  From the girl's perspective, they feel stress at having to discover better ways to manage T1D in real life, worry over the long wait at a clinic appointment or even frustration with having to re-tell adults what they are doing to manage type 1 diabetes.

Click on the link to watch the videos or visit Naturally Sweet Sisters on Youtube:


While it may not be perfect and it is certainly not a cure, it is their own way of giving the world three little gifts to help spark change.

We hope you enjoy their Naturally Sweet Sisters videos. 

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