Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cutie Patootie Little Stickeroos Called GrifGrips


Spring is here!  

For our family, that means two things: golf and swimming!  Since both activities make it difficult to keep infusion sites and CGM sensors in place, I went ahead and ordered a package of these cutie-patootie little stickeroos.   Ok, so not the official name of the product, but that is all that I think of when I look at these adorable little decals. 

I bought a mixture of tapes with CGM holes and without as I wasn't sure what would work best.

While you may have viewed others that are similar, this particular brand is called Grif Grips and I ordered it after reading reviews from an online support group - honestly, isn't this still the most trusted and reputable source for 'hacks' that work???  

Aw!  So cute that even though the stickers are not reusable, I opted to get two with 'special' rhinestone-style initials.  

While I personally have not witnessed how these little guys hold up, I will be writing a follow-up in a few weeks as my youngest has an upcoming pool party to attend.  Nothing is crazier on infusion sites than a gaggle of girls swimming, playing and goofying around in contained space.  Unless you look at a gaggle of boys doing the same.  Then, it may be about equal!  

I also think that something similar may even be created at home.  Clearly, this is solid product but it also expensive and an optional cost for a long, line of very expensive and mandatory medical equipment.  Understanding the financial burden of T1D, it helps to be able to save money wherever possible.  If it works as intended, it may be worth it - and that is really our hope.  Wasted sites are a pain to replace and certainly, avoiding another poke is always a good thing.  

Check back to @natsweetsisters or here at our blog for updates.  In the meantime, here is the link to see the product up close.  If you have used Grif Grips already and would like to leave a review, please feel free either on, Facebook or Twitter.  

And please know, that I was not asked for my review, I did not receive any products from Grif Grips and the items in the picture were purchased by me.  

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