Friday, March 4, 2016

SAT and T1D

As you may be aware, for families living within the state of Michigan, beginning during the 2016 school year, colleges will utilize the results of the SAT as the preferred examination of a high school student's academic preparedness for college.  

What this may mean for our families that also live with Type 1 Diabetes is the need to access the new application process for submitting a letter of need for exam day accommodations.  While this may be similar to the old (and still functional) ACT accommodation process, it is slightly different, especially with the medical necessity of utilizing medical equipment such as the Dexcom Share G5 and corresponding cellular device.  

To help clarify the process, we have added a draft document from one of our local T1D clinics that offers a letter intended to explain to the College Board the exact specification and need of the medical equipment that is necessary for students living with Type 1 Diabetes.  

A letter of need for usage of Dexcom Share G5 and Cellular Device

In addition, attached is a letter in which accommodations were approved (minus a duplicate of accommodation) and the timing in which the letter was received after the submission of the above letter.  Families may not hear anything from the College Board for up to six weeks.  There is also a process of appeal should anything be denied.  More information may be found on the College Board website. 

Official Approval from College Board

One very key piece to note is that approval will stay with the student throughout their high school career once applied and approved. 

Specific Accommodations that assist with the medical needs of students living with Type 1 Diabetes

Please feel free to share the example accommodation letter with your own health care provider as a way to start the conversation on what your child will need to be successful and at their best level of health while taking a very lengthy, potentially exhausting examination.  


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