Monday, March 14, 2016

The Struggle is Real!

It's tough enough to feel any sort of inspiration on most Monday afternoons.  Add in the sleep-depriving effects of post-daylight savings and virtually the motivation to do anything ceases to exist.  This is why today, March 14th, is #NationalNappingDay.

Hurray for socially acceptable laziness!

Like our resident feline, I just want to curl up on the couch and pretend that I can only hear crumpling packages of kitty treats. Which makes me then debate about potato chip treats and maybe the added (thumbs needed for remote dexterity) about the need to binge watch Netflicks.  Hmm....What to do, what to do?  

Alas, neither because I am actually doing work.  Sigh.  Dumb, grown-up responsibilities.  ((grumble-grumble))

Because I am clearly at a high risk of feeling the couch-potato-induced effects (and someone is actually studying the couch-potato theory!) of our time change, I decided to bring you the other paradoxal internet driven day; #MotivationMonday.

Because after thinking about our couch-potatoed monkey friends, you might just feel the motivation to run out and change that 3-month old lancet.  Or maybe even pick up the used dust-bunny infused test strip that is on the stairs.  Or,well, um, clean out the old (and grossly melted, mostly expired) low blood sugar snacks that from the interior car console.  

Maybe you'll find the inspiration to be motivated, despite the time-change.  Well, after a good nap, anyway.  

The struggle is real.  


Unknown said...

Agreed it is real

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Hoping you got a nap And a major accomplishment completed ;) Or if like me, a nap was the accomplishment! Thanks for reading :)