Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bolus Ballet

Kids and technology.

They go together perfectly. 

While I am an immigrant to the jungles of computers, cell phones and the internet, my children are certainly natives.  While I learn through trial and error in Technology Land, they just know

Tonight, I stopped and watched my daughters.  Without so much as a glance at the tester until the final meter beep, they almost had instantly bolused.

Fingers gracefully tapping buttons, clicking lancets and calculating blood sugars.  All coordinated beautifully and accurately, while they chatter about nonsense.  It is almost like a dance of sorts with an unmistakable rhythm of beeps and vibrations.

The bolus ballet.

The technology that we have been fortunate enough to supply them with has become simply an extension of their bodies.

They just know.

Instinctive and almost natural.  It doesn't slow them down or cause an awkwardness or even a refusal to eat because it is too much work.

And for this I am thankful.  Because tonight, type 1 diabetes seems like no big deal.

Even though it always is.

Tonight, this technology has meshed perfectly and seamlessly with the girls. 

Allowing them to get back to their biggest production number.... living.

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