Monday, December 12, 2011

Reason #2: Sharing Supplies

This title really isn't clear.

Reason # 2:  Sharing supplies.

You might be thinking, "Reason for what?  What is this crazy lady posting about now?  Blog, blog, blog!"

Our youngest daughter had ballet class apx. 1 mile down the road from our house.  The class is a mere 45 minutes long and she always tests and eats a snack before we leave.  In her ballet bag is a test kit and fast acting snacks should she need to have a little extra glucose.

Ballet (unlike her high energy soccer practice) is about fluidity, flexibility and grace.  During the class, she practices positions, learns a bit of french and comes out feeling happy and relaxed. 

Today was a bit different.

Today was the last class before a two-week holiday vacation.

And so, of course, there was a celebration.

And so, of course, a celebration means food.

The beautiful ballerinas in their pastel leotards were given cookies with big brown, ooey and gooey chocolate chips.

Which was fine.

Except the cookies were distributed BEFORE starting ballet class


our youngest daughter did not have her insulin pump because it was safely left on the kitchen counter at home.

Which leads me to Reason # 2:  Sharing supplies.

The second best part about Naturally Sweet Sisters is that our oldest daughter did have insulin.   Which meant that her younger sister could also have enough for a tiny bolus  to cover a cookie and still come out of class feeling happy and relaxed.

The irony is that those beautiful pink ballerinas became little brown spotted leopards when the class was over.  Chocolate chips and pink tights do not go hand in hand.

Want to know Reason # 1?

They will always have each other.

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