Monday, December 12, 2011

Changing with Change

A while back, one of our DOC families put together an innovative way to address the need for change in the world of type 1 diabetes.

The idea was to create a virtual wall of change through persons (children AND adults) with type 1 diabetes by gathering together pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for donation to the Diabetes Research Institute.  But before sending in the money, to lay out the change in a way that shows how many years the person has been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Together, the pictures have been placed together on The PumpWear, Inc. blog site, forming a beautiful mosaic of real people dealing with type 1 diabetes.   The corresponding money is sent off to DRI for use in furthering diabetes research.  All details are included on the PumpWear website - which also, offers a variety of great products for diabetes!

As this is a special anniversary week for our family, we decided to participate too.

Here is the result:

If we do nothing and wait, change may never happen.

However, together, we may certainly make change.

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