Friday, December 2, 2011

Friends, Friends and More Friends

In our world of type 1 diabetes, we have managed to knit together the most wonderful group of friends.  I have friends (like you all) from the Diabetic Online Community (DOC) and friends from around our state.  We have met friends through both of my daughters diabetes camp, from our children's hospital, through parties organized by medical equipment companies, through ADA Galas and events, the JDRF walk and most recently through my oldest daughter's school.  However, one of my favorite friendship meetings is through our local JDRF coffee club.

This meeting is held monthly at our IHOP (I know right?!  Carbalicious!) and we usually draw in about 5-15 women (and sometimes a man or two) to sit and chat about all things, especially type 1 diabetes.

My group gets "it". 

There is no judgement or rolling of the eyes if you tell a story about your child zooming from 356 to 46.   Instead, you might even receive a hug or two. 

If you are unsure of how to potty train a newly diagnosed toddler, about five women will start speaking at once with suggestions.  And from that conversation, you will leave with enough information to potty train not just a toddler, but to become president of the United States and instill world peace.

And don't forget about the wonderful friend who knows another wonderful friend in the biz and brought us all free ketone meters - with strips!!  Now how is that for some cool swag?!

Seriously!  These women are amazing!

Even if I am drained from having a seven-day stretch of no sleep, I know that when I leave, my energy levels will be back up and I will probably have enough information to figure out how to adjust those pesky hormone related early a.m. blood glucose spikes in my oldest daughter.

If you haven't joined one in your area, please consider giving it a try.  Contact your local JDRF at today!

And if you meet at IHOP, I suggest the blueberry pancake syrup.


Jennifer said...

I love your ability to see the positive in everything that happens in your life! You are an inspiration to others!

This has been a positive in my life as well, in the autism world but still the same thing. I have many wonderful friends that I would never have met had it not been for autism groups.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thank you! I know it is hard and that it is easy to turn the other way, but when you have two little girls watching your every move, it is most important to model the positivity and strength that makes life wonderful!!! Thank you for your kindness too!